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Reusable Lid - Lydy - Four Pack Bundle Earthly

Reusable Lid - Lydy - Four Pack Bundle Earthly

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This bundle includes:

1 x Saltbush Lydy and Pouch 
1 x Ochre Lydy and Pouch
1 x Turmeric Lydy and Pouch
1 x Brönte Lydy and Pouch

Lydy is the perfect reusable silicone coffee lid that fits on multiple cups. She's eco-friendly and made to make your coffee drinking experience easy and convenient. Lydy comes with a matching silicone bag which makes transporting super easy & convenient and beautiful packaging. It is perfect for a gift. 

✓ Designed with two rings that fit multiple cups (diameter 80 and 90mm)
✓ Suitable for use on paper, ceramic and glass
✓ Comes with a silicone carry pouch
✓ Made with 100% food grade silicone and recycled plastic spinner
✓ Dishwasher safe and BPA free
✓ Tasteless and doesn't alter the flavour of your coffee
✓ Designed in Australia and 100% Female Australian owned

What's  included in this bundle:

  • Four Lydy's individually boxed
  • Four silicone bags

Colours include:

  • Ochre
  • Turmeric
  • Bronte
  • Saltbush



Wash Lydy before use.
Try Lydy on empty cups before adding liquid to test it out.
1. Ensure Lydy is dry to ensure proper sealing
2. Hold the cup on a flat surface
3. Align the correct size ring against the cup facing it so that you can see the rings -The inner ring fits 8oz and the outer ring fits 12 and 16oz cups-
4. Now push down and focus the pressure around the rim to seal
5. If sealed correctly, Lydy will not leak
6. Sip slowly to get used to the flow
7. Caution- hot contents

*Colours may vary. Lydy fits multiple sized cups but is not designed to fit Keepcups and standard reusable cups. 
Some paper cup manufacturers supply a cup size of 85mm which is not the standard size. If you are unsure please ask the barista and check the size before ordering.




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